Skyboxe UFO Over-the-Air HDTV Antenna


The Skyboxe UFO Antenna receives free high-definition and 4K ultra-high-definition over-the-air TV signals from your local broadcast channels.

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  • UPS GROUND SHIPPING ONLY, typically arrives in 3-4 days: One of the most powerful over the air antennas on the market!
  • No more bills for watching TV! Skyboxe HDTV Antenna receives free broadcast High Definition /4K Ultra High Definition Over-To-Air (OTA) TV signals in your local.
  • Skyboxe Exclusive Smartpass technology Amplifier allow easier adjust the balance between short and long range reception, and the intelligent switch can avoid signal overload. Build in 4G LTE Filter shields against interference and blocks unwanted 3G and 4G wireless signals for stable performance. Enjoy smooth and crystal clear 4K HDTV experience.
  • 720° Dual Omni-directional reception for weak/moderate signal strength areas.No signal blind zone. Perfect for outdoor, attic, RV and marine used.
  • UV coated, weather resistant exterior design combined with anti-interference internal tech, protects signal reception to provide clear pictures and full channel capacity even during inclement weather. Creative design in light weight aimed for simple DIY and SIMPLE SET-UP in 5 minutes. Tools-free and easy installation with minimum effort.