Smart and powerful 5G

for your home or business


We’re heading toward a future where 5G wireless broadband will permanently replace cable- and fiber-based fixed internet.

Skyboxe is a platform that replaces your cable modems, TV set-top boxes, and mountains of wires with a modern 5G wireless hub powerful enough to manage your home or business.

For wireless carriers

Extend your services beyond mobile-only devices and generate new streams of revenue.

For home

Cut the cord for good.

Bring fast, cord-free and unlimited internet – along with your favorite TV shows, movies, music, games and home automation apps – to your living room… and save money while doing it.

For business

Modernize your business with the internet of things.

Bring wire-free, dedicated and secure internet – along with all your favorite business apps – to your office, factory or remote worker location… and save money while doing it.