Media Hub

A smart and powerful 4G/5G communications device for your home or business

Certified for use on T-Mobile

The SKYBOXE® Media Hub is a 4G/5G communications and application device that sits in your living room, home office, or business. It delivers high-performance wireless broadband data from your mobile phone service provider, rather than from your cable TV service or fiber-based ISP.

It’s a portable edge computing device built on the industry-leading Google Android TV™ operating system. The SKYBOXE Media Hub is highly customizable, leveraging the Google Play™ app store, easy to set up, lightning-fast, and provides secure network access from virtually anywhere.

The 4G version of our SKYBOXE Media Hub is certified for use on T-Mobile’s and AT&T’s networks.

In addition to its powerful 4G/5G wireless modem, the SKYBOXE Media Hub also supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi router capabilities and over-the-air digital TV broadcasts, as well as streaming live TV service from SlingTV and subscription-based video services from an array of providers… all from a single device.

It’s designed to be your turbo-charged, wireless on-ramp to the internet. All done without wires, and saving you money in the process.