SKYBOXE for wireless carriers

Accelerating the adoption of 5G apps and services.

The telecommunications landscape is evolving. 5G is transforming the telco and service provider world, enabling not only greater data speeds and reliability, but it also promises a significant increase in application-oriented use cases and new services.

With companies investing trillions of dollars to upgrade their networks, 5G will enable wireless carriers to enter the business and in-home broadband services markets. These moves promise to offer cost-effective data plans that are complementary to a carriers’s existing data services.

The SKYBOXE® ecosystem enables wireless carriers to extend their service offerings beyond mobile-only devices to new broadband solutions for businesses and homes.

With SKYBOXE, carriers and operators can generate new streams of up-front and recurring revenue via activation, a variety of subscription services, and advertising revenue-sharing agreements with third parties. The SKYBOXE solution makes their broadband plans more sticky, drives engagement, and elevates their brand.

SKYBOXE gives wireless carriers a golden opportunity to offer their consumer and commercial customers value-added services, and it positions carriers to compete more directly against traditional internet and pay-TV service providers.