Skyboxe for home

Say goodbye to your cable company and cut the cord... for good!

Every month, most of us pay two times for our high-speed internet access: once for the fixed-line connection in our homes, and again for our mobile devices.

Cable TV and landline-centric telecommunications companies frequently engage in tactics that make us feel trapped. If given the opportunity, we’d cut the cord if we could, but our reliance on their expensive broadband services forces us to stick around because we have nowhere else to go.

Thankfully, 5G is going to change that paradigm. Imagine a world where the playing field has been leveled; where we’ve eliminated the need for high-speed-network-plus-pay-TV bundles and horrible customer service; where we get our in-home internet from our mobile service providers, and save money in the process.

The Skyboxe ecosystem is going to give us a new way to access broadband. It has the potential to replace the need for cable- and fiber-based internet.

With Skyboxe, you can eliminate the high-cost of bundled pay-TV and wired internet services, enabling you to truly (and literally) cut the cord. Those services will be replaced with a modern, wireless, app-based environment that adds gaming, security and home automation to the user experience.

In addition to delivering reliable, high-speed data access and Wi-Fi (802.11ac) router capabilities, the Skyboxe Hub supports over-the-air digital TV broadcasts as well as streaming live TV service from SlingTV and popular video-on-demand services from an array of providers. All from a single device.

It ships with the Skyboxe Remote, a voice-enabled Bluetooth remote control.

Remote workers can use Skyboxe to provision secure access to company resources.

Home subscribers can also bundle their in-home and mobile data plans, entertainment and productivity tools to further reduce costs.