What is SKYBOXE?

A powerful, application-based platform that runs TV, games, connected home, business IoT and more using your wireless data plan.

The SKYBOXE® ecosystem is a smart and powerful 4G and 5G application platform for home and business that brings wireless high-speed internet and all of your favorite applications into a single customer experience, and all under one data plan.

This unique combination of robust hardware, software, user experience and management components enhances the carrier’s repertoire of voice and data services.

The SKYBOXE 5G Fixed Wireless Access Router

The SKYBOXE 5G Fixed Wireless Access Router provides high-performance internet access via your wireless carrier – like AT&T or T-Mobile – rather than from a traditional wired internet service provider.

The SKYBOXE Media Hub

The SKYBOXE Media Hub is a 4G/5G communications and application device that can sit in the living room, home office or business. It delivers high-performance broadband data and Android TV-powered video services via your wireless carrier.