Skyboxe for Business

Lower operating costs via a smart and powerful wireless internet gateway.

Today’s mobility, cloud and digital transformation demands extend from the enterprise to wherever users connect. Nearly half of all enterprise applications exist in the cloud today, and wireless has become the primary method for our devices to access the internet.

These changes, coupled with the existing consumption of network resources by businesses, creates incredible pressures on broadband networks. Most businesses have limited options when it comes to selecting a broadband service provider.

But 5G comes with the promise of greater data speeds and reliability. It’s going to become the backbone of our enterprise and cloud infrastructures.

The Skyboxe ecosystem provides a gateway for wireless broadband access, which can be coupled with enterprise mobile phone service plans as a way to lower total internet costs.

Skyboxe also saves businesses money and resources  by eliminating the need to wire buildings to make way for expensive T1, fiber, ethernet, and other in-building cabling.

It provides a secure, dedicated on-premise and remote platform with applications like video conferencing and collaboration. The Skyboxe platform can be provisioned on the business’ network and pre-configured, making it a dedicated device for remote workers that’s separate from a shared, public connection.

Skyboxe brings enterprise-class connectivity, business automation applications, security and IoT to the workplace.