Bringing 5G apps into homes and businesses

Creating new and better avenues for 5G adoption

SKYBOXE® is paving the way for 5G.

We’re a leader in providing an application-based platform that accelerates 4G and 5G wireless broadband adoption in ways you can’t imagine.

Our phones were designed with mobility in mind, but 5G is about more than just mobility. With companies investing billions of dollars in 5G infrastructure, SKYBOXE is providing a way for businesses and consumers to access broadband applications that’s better than what they’d normally get from traditional ISPs and pay-TV operators.

What we do

SKYBOXE gives wireless carriers a way to accelerate the return on their 5G investments by extending their service offerings beyond smartphones and tablets. We help them enter the broadband internet market currently dominated by expensive cable companies and internet service providers.

Businesses, remote workers and consumers benefit from the availability of new, app-enabled devices and subscription services that eliminate the need for wired internet access, saving them money in the process.

Why we're here

SKYBOXE exists to challenge the status quo. With SKYBOXE, you’ll be able to obtain more cost-effective data plans that cover both your home and your mobile devices, with a network that’s orders of magnitude faster and more reliable. 

Our application platform enables wireless carriers to extend their service offerings beyond mobile devices by eliminating our dependance on fixed-line internet services from traditional providers.

Our vision

The SKYBOXE ecosystem can replace wired broadband and pay-TV bundles with a smart and powerful app-based environment that delivers countless in-home and business-centric use cases.

Our goal is to help our wireless carrier and network operator partners become their business and consumer customers’ sole ISP. We work to level the playing field by ending our addiction to expensive high-speed network and pay-TV bundles.