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We invite wireless carriers, operators and resellers from around the world to sign up for a demonstration to see how Skyboxe is going to change the way the world gets on the internet.

The 4G version of the powerful, all-in-one Skyboxe Platform will be available in early 2021. With our FCC and PTCRB certifications in-hand, we’re working with carriers in North America to meet their final certification requirements.

See for yourself how Skyboxe’s all-in-one wireless broadband, application and data platform can help you bring more competitive and intelligent connectivity solutions to your customers.

Skyboxe Hub 4G:
The first-of-its-kind, multi-function wireless broadband gateway


High-speed 4G/LTE access point for wireless internet service, rather than from a traditional cable TV provider or ISP


802.11ac Wi-Fi router


Over-the-air TV tuner for live, local channels


Entertainment, productivity, home automation and communication apps

Why your customers will want it

  • A money-saving solution for remote workers, entertainment cord-cutters, video conferencing and more
  • It replaces your customers’ cable modem, router, TV set-top box, and mountains of wires
  • It can replace their expensive cable internet and pay-TV bundles
  • It can extend your reach to customers in areas that might not have been accessible before
  • It can provide a secure way for them to to isolate work-related network traffic from the rest of their homes
  • It’s easy for them to set up and built with portability in mind
  • They can attach it to their current mobile data plan or an entirely new one