Rob Shambro

Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder

Rob Shambro is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience and knowledge in internet technologies, interactive media and entertainment, television, content production, software development, and all things bleeding edge/disruptive. In 2014, he created Skyboxe, a revolutionary 5G platform.

In 2009, Rob founded Genos TV, the world’s first broadband cable television network. In 2006, Rob co-founded Solar Night Industries, a global solar solutions provider and Focus Group Holdings, the maker of the Greedy Genius brand sneakers and apparel.

In 2003, Rob founded Infinium Labs Corporation, a publicly traded company, spearheading the design, implementation, and launch of the Phantom Gaming console. In 1999, Rob founded, one of the Internet’s pioneering streaming media companies. At StreamSearch, Rob held the First Internet Film and Music Festival online with the awards ceremony held at the Playboy Mansion. He went on to build the First Ever Sundance Film Festival online.

In 1994, Rob was the 6th employee of SAVVIS Communications and accounted for 80% of all its sales at its $90M sale to Bridge Information Systems in 1996. At Savvis, Rob sold the first OC3 to the Internet, to Apple Computer, in Austin, TX. SAVVIS recently sold to CenturyLink. Rob is from St. Louis, MO and attended The John M Olin School of Business at Washington University St. Louis and Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville, IL.