SKYBOXE 5G Fixed Wireless Access Router

Frequently Asked Questions

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Setup questions

Q.  During setup, I saw a screen that said “You’re connected using Ethernet.” I thought Skyboxe was supposed to be wireless, and I didn’t connect an ethernet cable, so how can we possibly be “connected using Ethernet”?

A.  That ethernet message is a little confusing, but it’s good news. Skyboxe is the very first device that combines the functionality of three separate devices into a single unit:  a 4G wireless internet gateway, a wi-fi router, and an Android TV video streamer. Because this concept is brand-new, Android TV’s standard initial setup screens do not know how to present Skyboxe’s connection steps in the most logical way. From a technical standpoint, the gateway, router and streamer are connected to one another via Ethernet circuitry right on the motherboard. Once that connection is established (it happens automatically as long as your SIM card is properly installed and working), Android TV will acknowledge that it is receiving the internet via its internal Ethernet circuits, and it will display “You’re connected using Ethernet.” A physical Ethernet cable isn’t required, even though the information displayed on your TV makes it look like it is.

Q.  How long does it take for Skyboxe to connect to the internet the first time?

A.  It can vary based on a number of factors, including your 4G signal strength. If your SIM card is installed properly, it can take a few seconds to several minutes for Skyboxe to synchronize with your wireless carrier’s facilities. Be sure to leave the SIM card installed and your Skyboxe powered up while it establishes its initial connection. If connection still fails after several minutes, we recommend power-cycling your Skyboxe by disconnecting its power cable and leaving the Skyboxe powered down for 10 seconds before reconnecting the power cable. We also recommend multiple power-cycles to establish the initial connection.